Clare O’Connor #EverydayHero Ep.56

Not all heroes wear capes, and today’s guest in the tortoise shack is a hero. Clare O’Connor is working with Action Against Sexual Violence Ireland(@aasvi)to help change the way we teach our kids about sex. She is also at the coalface of the housing crisis in her role as Director of Inner City Helping Homlessness(@ICHHDUBLIN) and is now helping the families of the Stardust Fire seek justice. We talk about all of this and then some.

Gillian Brien Ep.55 #NewPolitics

‘Old politics’ and the cosy relationship between our government and a billionaire tax exile was back(sort of)in the headlines this week. In this toxic environment who’d want to be a politician? Step forward Community Activist, Youth Work Manager with (LGBT Youth Group)Belong To Youth Services and People Before Profit candidate in Dublin Central, Gillian Brien. She came into the tortoise shack to tell us how she wants to get into politics to punch up, not cosy up. We believe her, you will too.

Ruth Fitzpatrick #BitShookTBH Ep.54

Social Media can be a bit of a dark place. But today’s guest in the tortoise shack, writer and activist Ruth Fitzpatrick(@RuthieFizz)is a colourful and creative social media phenomenon. Her twitter threads, using animal pictures and childlike language to explain the most difficult of subjects are must reads. Ruth, as you will hear, is way smarter than the average Bear, nose. Give this woman a book deal!

Karl Callan #LadsForChoice Ep.53

The referendum to Repeal the 8th amendment isn’t a vote to stop abortion coming to Ireland. It is already a reality here. It is a vote to take it out of the shadows and treat women as individuals and not as vessels. Director, Writer and Activist Karl Callan’s short film, Repeal punches you in the gut and shows that reality in 12 minutes. We also have that MANEL discussion on why men need to get out, support and vote in this crucial referendum. You can watch the film here.

John Connors #BringingHumanRightsHome Ep.52

Award winning actor, writer, director and activist, John Connors came into the tortoise and shared his thoughts on the section of society most disadvantaged(as per Social Justice Ireland), Travellers. We talk about discrimination, the challenges facing Travellers, the need for real equality and why culture and the arts still matter. Strong language and mature themes.

Kathy D’Arcy #Autonomy Ep.51

It was an incredible momentum shifting week in the Repeal the 8th referendum. So we were delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by Chair of the Cork Together For Yes Campaign, Activist, Author and Editor of the book, Autonomy, Kathy D’Arcy.
This conversation covers real stories of how the 8th amendment impacts everyone in Ireland and how to deal with THOSE posters.
You can donate to together for yes here. And you can get the book here.

We’re with Jan

The following is a statement from our friend and activist, Janet O’Sullivan.

Peter Matthews used his elected position to perpetuate abortion stigma, which studies have shown has a negative effect on mental health of those who have had an abortion. I am one of the over 170,000 women who have had to make that journey, and who are directly affected by abortion stigma. I am always glad when one less person, especially one who had been elected to represent some of those 170,000 women, is no longer in a position to perpetuate that stigma.

However, as I tweeted at the time, I am sure his family misses him. I never celebrated or rejoiced in Peter Matthews death, it is an appalling thing to suggest I did. I hope that John McGuirk’s insistence on dragging this up at every available opportunity, when given a platform, has not prolonged their grieving.

For the last 8 months I have been under sustained attack from Mr McGuirk on social media, I have had to block his twitter account, he has also used his appearances on national television to harass me and now via press releases. I find this to be most distressing especially as his most recent attempts have included Minister Josepha Madigan and the Together For Yes Campaign.

I am not going to be silenced in speaking about having had an abortion and why we need to vote yes to repeal the 8th amendment in the run up to the 25th of May. I refuse to let those who oppose compassionate health care which is much needed in Ireland try and dictate how I campaign over the coming weeks.

Yours Sincerely

Janet O’Sullivan

Catherine Murphy #WeAreBetterThanThis Ep.50

For our 50th guest the tortoise shack is delighted to host TD for Kildare North and Co-Leader of the Social Democrats, Catherine Murphy. This wide ranging conversation covers Siteserv, Anglo/IBRC, the INM data breach, Denis O’Brien and above all else, Catherine’s desire to support a politics that serves the people and not just the vested interests.

Órla Hegarty #HousingCrisis Ep.49

When we started our series on the housing crisis DIT Housing Lecturer, Lorcan Sirr, told us we MUST speak to today’s guest in the tortoise shack, Architect and UCD Lecturer, Orla Hegarty. Mel Reynolds said if we could hand the reins of the Department of Housing over to her for a few hours we’d be on the road to tackling the crisis.

If anything, the lads understated her ability!

Where is Citizen No.1?

The following was submitted by Eeekkk, a very concerned citizen!

I have e-mailed the newsdesk of the indo for years and years and years on many many subjects. I sent e-mails of all sorts not just ‘PRESS RELEASES’. Would I have legs to sue for breach of my privacy cos copies of those mails were shipped outa the country to lands unknown?

I mean I don’t even have to show a financial loss to seek compensation?! See pic above! I don’t have a different set of rights to Bruce Arnold or Geraldine Kennedy?! Right!?

I am in all likelihood one of tens of thousands of citizens in same position. How much money do INM have? What does that come out to divided by ten thousand? Or one hundred thousand? Too late for privacy so yeah – I’d take dollars instead. Even if it was five dollars – or even the price of a newspaper.

I mean the data was taken abroad – that is what it says in the papers. All of it. The e-mail archive of INM.  Maybe nobody came across me in the archive or searched for me or anyone I corresponded with in the archive – but ‘abroad’ to me means in reality the equivalent of ‘disclosed’. I mean – I know that it has passed through the hands of six companies abroad. But it is really very very hard to know who these companies are, who they work for, who and what impact the disclosure of my data might have in the future if somebody that hires one of them runs new searches.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Has data been disclosed if (1) it is handed by one of two parties who are corresponding to a third party abroad in an envelope essentially? Or is it only disclosed if and when (2) a third party (abroad) sits down and opens it?

I think it is (1) above. I think a child would tell you that. I think a test case is needed here. I think that – even though I also think it is too late to get my privacy in my correspondence back. The damage is done. Smoke can’t be put back in a bottle. Even Big Brother can’t do that.

Scary on the eve of a referendum. Scary in the present context. I mean a person centrally involved in this story paid shitloads to have a Vatican Chapel done up and he and another big bunch of ‘citizens’ got their names on a creepy plaque! (see image next page) He has a LOT of data!

Step forward Citizen No. 1.

Don’t get angry with Pig Brother – get even.

Rough Translation “That the injustice of time may be rendered obsolete’

Submitted by Eeekkk