Jan O’Sullivan #YesLove Ep.29 Repost

Hours away from Referendum Day we are reposting our conversation with writer, activist, pro-choice campaigner, geek gamer feminist and one of BBC’s Top 100 Inspirational and Influential Women for 2016, Janet O’Sullivan.
Jan is one of the founding members of www.abortionrightscampaign.ie and broke the taboo when she, on the @Ireland twitter account, spoke about her own personal story.

We discuss the work that went into getting us here, the campaign to come and how why she is so passionate about the right to choice.
Jan has poured her heart into this campaign, taken the blows and kept going. We’re nearly there. #RepealThe8th


(This is an anonymous submission)

You think you know me and my life, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s wife,

Always described in your terms, an add on, an other, never just me,

Sometimes fragile, sometimes strong, I can’t always be right, can’t always be wrong,

My choices the subject of your conversation, your issue, your cause, but what about me?

Don’t I get to have a say, in what happens to me, my body, my life, my future?

My decision on any given day, overruled by you conscience, your church, your constitution,

Men, well meaning I’m sure, never having to deal with the hard cases, that long dark tunnel I’m forced into to salve whatever they think passes as good, proper and holy,

Don’t shame me, don’t blame me, 100 years is enough,

It’s for me choose my life’s direction, you need to be more than just an erection.


Alice Mary Higgins #RepealThe8th Episode 2

Ahead of Friday’s abortion referendum we want to talk to the concerns and questions of the undecided voters..the wavering yes’s and importantly the men of Ireland – and explain why it is important to vote on Friday and why a yes vote is the right thing to do…
So we are absolutely thrilled to be joined by Independent Senator, activist and advocate for social and economic equality Alice Mary Higgins, who explodes the myths and misinformation around the referendum and explains why it is critical to us all, men and women, that we come together for Yes!

Social Housing with Mick Byrne Ep.1

In Reboot Republic we are going to deal with the issues that the government don’t deal with. First up is Dr Mick Byrne of the School of Social Policy, UCD. Mick has extensive knowledge of how other countries develop successful social housing infrastructure that costs a fraction of our current Housing Assistance Payment scheme.
This is the way forward, for a fairer society for all.

Joshua Molloy #Brave Ep. 66

We’ve watched in horror as the Syrian war created one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our age. Today’s guest in the tortoise shack, Irish man, former British Soldier and ex-YPG(Kurdish People’s Protection Units), Joshua Molloy didn’t just watch. He went out to stand on the right side of history and fight the good fight. His story is as inspiring as it is incredible.

Gemma O’Doherty Repost #DisclosuresTribunal Ep. 46

Given the revelations at the Disclosures Tribunal yesterday we decided to repost our conversation with journalist Gemma O’Doherty. This is the only place you will hear her tell story and how her investigation into the penalty points scandal ended her career with Independent News and Media.

Tom Clonan #RebootRepublic Ep.67

The golden circle culture in Ireland needs to go. Our guest in the tortoise shack, Security Analyst, Whistelblower, Carer and Advocate for People with Disabilities, Tom Clonan thinks we need a democratic reboot. He thinks a better Ireland is possible and the first step in the process is having a formal process for holding politicians to account for failing in their responsibilities. We think he’s got a plan that would work!

Hugh Linehan #Accountability Ep. 65

We are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by Arts & Culture Editor and host of the Irish Times Inside Politics Podcast, Hugh Linehan, to discuss how we deal with(or endure?) scandals, the lack of accountability and much, much more.

Paul Hosford #DemandBetter Ep.63

We get the government that we demand, and today’s guest in the Tortoise Shack, Journalist and Staff Writer with the Journal.ie, Paul Hosford, thinks we all(mainstream media, social media and the world outside the bubble)need to demand better if we want to live in a better country. Paul shares his views on everything from Facebook, the 8th Campaign, the Irish political process and even the Journal’s comments section.

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Noeline Blackwell #EveryStep Ep.62

Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have inspired millions of people to share their stories about sexual violence.
Today in the tortoise shack we are joined by Human Rights lawyer and Chief Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Noeline Blackwell, to discuss the changes happening in Irish society and the changes yet to come. We also discuss the Cervical Check Scandal and the choices facing someone who becomes pregnant by rape faces under the 8th Amendment.