Jo Kilkenny #NoAverageJo Ep. 117

There are lots of ways of looking after yourself. But our guest in the tortoise shack,(via Skype) British based Irish woman, scientist and ultramarathon runner, Jo Kilkenny takes her self care to extremes, one hundred mile plus extremes.
She shares with us her story and explains how 10 years ago a bad relationship led her to setting out to run 5km and how that coping mechanism evolved into running grueling 150 mile races.
She explains the line between endurance and insanity and the empowerment she discovered when it’s just you and the trail. This is a remarkable woman completing feats that seem superhuman. And Jo really is a super human.

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Richard Chambers #Irexit Ep. 31

Nigel Farage came to Ireland and the Red Caps flocked to the nemesis of multiculturalism, and in the audience was journalist, reporter and presenter for Newstalk, Richard Chambers. Having witnessed the congregation we discuss:
The speech John Waters finally got to make.
The Political Venn Diagram of those who attended the meetings.
The Farage Effect.
The real concerns about the Future of the EU.
The Dinnybot, the Martinbot and the Social Media “debate”.
The need for media diversity.
We even get Richard’s picks for the Super Bowl, Go Pats!

The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 9

The Man in the Cowboy Hat
The guys are delighted to be joined by former Sports Journalist of the Year, writer for Bleacher Report, ESPN, the Sunday Business Post and the Sunday Times among others, Ewan MacKenna.

More importantly, from the podcast point of view Ewan is also arguably the angriest man on Twitter.

They discuss the reason Ewan thinks social media is a window into some of the darkest parts of the human psyche.
They talk about the RTE Producer caught up in paedophile vigilante group in Leeds and what it says about people.
Ewan tells us about his recent bus hijacking at gunpoint!!
Why Turkey’s seem determined to always vote for Christmas!
The “Ah Won’t it be great craic” mentality that led to the disaster that was our Rugby World Cup bid!
The Delusion Politics of Justin Trudeau and Leo Varadkar.
The differences and similarities between Brazilian and Irish Bureaucracy.
The Conor McGregor paradox and the new confident Irish…
Ewan then tells a fantastic story about his own experience in working in Irish politics. MUST HEAR!!

Suffice to say that this is a great conversation with one of the best writers around.

Strong language and mature themes.