Paul Murphy #JobstownNotGuilty Ep.43

Events at the Lidl in Fortunestown Lane, Jobstown, Tallaght gave a green light to the hard right(government TD’s included) to come out and smear an entire working class community over the actions of a few. So we were delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by Solidarity TD for Dublin South West Paul Murphy, to discuss tackling class warfare, where to next for the Water Charges movement and what a real Left alternative might look like.


Sabina Brennan #BrainHealth Ep. 34

The brain takes up nearly a quarter of the body’s energy supply, but is only about 2% of its mass. So why don’t we look after it? We are joined in the tortoise shack by Psychologist, award winning communicator and brain health advocate, Sabina Brennan.
We discuss how we should treat people with brain health issues, such as Alzheimer’s, versus how we currently do. She gives us an insight into how our brains grow, cope with trauma and adapt. Sabina also gives us her top tips for looking after your brain and how to build what she calls a cognitive reserve that can stave off brain disease.

Jan O’Sullivan #RepealThe8th Ep. 29

As we wake to the reality that the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment is about to happen we are joined by writer, activist, pro-choice campaigner, geek gamer feminist and one of BBC’s Top 100 Inspirational and Influential Women for 2016, Janet O’Sullivan.
Jan is one of the founding members of and broke the taboo when she, on the @Ireland twitter account, spoke about her own personal story.

We discuss the work that went into getting us here, the campaign to come and how why she is so passionate about the right to choice.

Ibrahim Halawa #HopeSprings Ep 28

We are delighted to be joined by a young man who is perhaps the most famous cinema goer in the world. He has experienced more in the last 5 years than most will (or want to) in their life, and while he has lost some of his youth, based on his work with human rights organisations and homelessness charities, he has lost none of his humanity – Ibrahim Halawa

We discuss:
Missing out on Dublin GAA and real chipper chips!
His work since he’s come home.
The very surprising career turn he’s about to embark on.
The haters and the conspiracy nutters.
What is an Irish person in 2018.

We were genuinely blown away by the humility and drive of this young Irish man.This is recorded in a public area and there’s plenty of background noise, but that is part of the craic, trust us.

Ken Foxe, ECP Ep:6

Re-posting the Ken Foxe podcast. This is a terrific chat with one of the countries best investigative journalists and holder of the title of “the most irritating man in Ireland”.

This is a must listen for anyone interested in peeling back the layers of bureaucracy and getting to the truth of the story.

Strong language and immature themes.

Ken Foxe and the lads

Echo Chamber Podcast: Ep 16 Aaron Vallely

Martin and Tony are joined in the tortoise shack by writer, journalist and essayist Aaron Vallely. Aaron writes for the Huffington Post and has also written for counter-punch, head-stuff and the new statesman among others. He is best known for his work on pop culture and is a passionate voice for the arts.

They discuss:
Aaron’s experience of New York and the rise of Donald Trump.
The #MeToo phenomenon and how it has empowered so many people and Aaron relates his own personal experience.
The Creative Ireland Arts Fund and where the money really goes.
The 8th Committee and the likely next steps.
And Arron gave us his 2 recommendations to watch over the Christmas.

Aaron is a complete gentleman and we apologise for the strong language.

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The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 9

The Man in the Cowboy Hat
The guys are delighted to be joined by former Sports Journalist of the Year, writer for Bleacher Report, ESPN, the Sunday Business Post and the Sunday Times among others, Ewan MacKenna.

More importantly, from the podcast point of view Ewan is also arguably the angriest man on Twitter.

They discuss the reason Ewan thinks social media is a window into some of the darkest parts of the human psyche.
They talk about the RTE Producer caught up in paedophile vigilante group in Leeds and what it says about people.
Ewan tells us about his recent bus hijacking at gunpoint!!
Why Turkey’s seem determined to always vote for Christmas!
The “Ah Won’t it be great craic” mentality that led to the disaster that was our Rugby World Cup bid!
The Delusion Politics of Justin Trudeau and Leo Varadkar.
The differences and similarities between Brazilian and Irish Bureaucracy.
The Conor McGregor paradox and the new confident Irish…
Ewan then tells a fantastic story about his own experience in working in Irish politics. MUST HEAR!!

Suffice to say that this is a great conversation with one of the best writers around.

Strong language and mature themes.