Eoin Ó Broin #PoliticalConstructs Ep25

It’s often said that the current confidence and supply agreement (New Politics) has left us with a ‘do nothing Dáil’. Well today’s guest, Sinn Féin TD for Dublin Mid West, Eoin Ó Broin would challenge that. As a writer and political activist Eoin is a constant voice for what he calls a fair recovery. As party spokesperson for Housing, Planning and local government Eoin was a member of the Oireachtas Housing Committee that our previous guest, architect Mel Reynolds spoke so highly of.

With Irish Politics undergoing so much generational change, people like Eoin, working in bipartisan groups, can help bring on that fairer recovery that he is speaks so passionately about.

They discuss:
Some Dublin GAA
The generational change in politics, Sinn Fein and the wider Dáil
Eoin’s solutions to the housing crisis
Why it’s about building communities and not just houses
How Traveller accommodation and those with disabilities are nearly always forgotten.
We finish with a chat about Eoin’s recent spat with the Irish Times and the media relationship with politics in general.

Mel Reynolds #TheFixer Ep 24 pt2

Welcome back to our conversation with architect, project manager, certified passive house designer and writer with Village magazine, Mel Reynolds.
In part one Mel broke down why the private developer market cannot build affordable homes and how the state could. In this next part we discuss:
Why the moral hazard argument is cutting off your nose to spite your face.
How the Rent Pressure Zones have helped create an upwards only rental market.
Why the most optimistic scenario for the Buy to Let repossessions could see a trebling of homelessness.

Finally, Mel gives us 3 relatively cheap and effective solutions that could start to turn the tide. These ideas are so sensible and make so much financial sense that it is a wonder our government haven’t addressed them already.

Mel Reynolds #SolutionsArchitect Ep24 pt1

Returning our series of podcasts on Homelessness and the Housing Crisis, Martin and Tony are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by architect, project manager, certified passive house designer and writer with Village magazine, Mel Reynolds. Mel has the tenacity to take the Department of Housing reports, the Rebuilding Ireland Reports and even the Oireachtas Housing Reports, read them, cut through the spin and get to the facts.
Needless to say, Mel’s work is and should be the starting point for people who want to know what the real numbers are and what are the solutions.

In part 1 Mel explains why the underlying assumptions on the housing market are wrong, and have been wrong for 40 years.
Why an affordable home cannot be built by the private sector currently.
Why the government housing stats, putting it mildly, aren’t reliable.
Why it’s a Landlords market.
The Land Casino that is the relationship between new house prices and land prices.
Can we get a real affordable housing scheme?
The HAP Trap and why Fine Gael are financially illiterate here.

Paddy Cole #HardLabour Ep.23

Martin and Tony are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by trade unionist, SIPTU worker, Labour national executive member, defender of the badge, stirrer of pots, proper bearded Lefty and soon to be a father, Paddy Cole.

They discuss:
Labour in power 2011-16.
Whether it’s fair that Labour as the minority party in government get the majority of the blame.
What now for the party?
Paddy talks about the Trade Union movement and why only a bottom up, rather than top down, approach can bring about real change.
This is a tough and sometimes thorny conversation, but we are very grateful to Paddy for coming on, taking the hits and to be able to give them back.

Some strong language and some even stronger opinions throughout.

Paddy Cole #FireAndFury Ep 23 Trailer

A very quick excerpt from our conversation with member of the Labour Party National Executive and proper bearded Lefty, Paddy Cole.

Contains some strong language and some very strong opinions. You’ve been warned.

Garvan Grant #TrueishPodcast Episode 22

Martin and Tony are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by editor and co-founder of Traffic Content, author of the humorous book The Trueish History of Ireland, former journalist with The Sunday Business Post and the number one source for fake-fake news on Twitter, Garvan Grant.

After Tony exposes his man-crush they discuss:
The future of print; mainstream media in the social media age
The good and bad sides of social media
Satire as a tool for change and some of the best fun twitter accounts around
Trump Twitter, Leo Twitter and who can you bloody vote for these days!

Garvan has kindly given us a copy of his book for one lucky listener. All you need to do is tweet the podcast after you’ve listened and tag Garvan @garvangrant

Sorry about the earlier technical difficulties, Martin has no idea what he’s doing…

Strong language, maybe.

Simon McGarr #DataScientist Ep 21 pt2

Welcome to part 2 of our chat with Lawyer and Data Specialist, Simon McGarr. This, in our opinion, is the definitive conversation on the topic of personal data and the Public Services Card.

This part covers the PSC Card, the Demographics of the Pope’s Children and a very important, VERY IMPORTANT, statistical method of tackling societal issues. Make sure you stay tuned in for a special message from Simon at the end.

Knowledge is power – France is Bacon?