Mel Reynolds #TheFixer Ep 24 pt2

Welcome back to our conversation with architect, project manager, certified passive house designer and writer with Village magazine, Mel Reynolds.
In part one Mel broke down why the private developer market cannot build affordable homes and how the state could. In this next part we discuss:
Why the moral hazard argument is cutting off your nose to spite your face.
How the Rent Pressure Zones have helped create an upwards only rental market.
Why the most optimistic scenario for the Buy to Let repossessions could see a trebling of homelessness.

Finally, Mel gives us 3 relatively cheap and effective solutions that could start to turn the tide. These ideas are so sensible and make so much financial sense that it is a wonder our government haven’t addressed them already.

Paddy Cole #HardLabour Ep.23

Martin and Tony are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by trade unionist, SIPTU worker, Labour national executive member, defender of the badge, stirrer of pots, proper bearded Lefty and soon to be a father, Paddy Cole.

They discuss:
Labour in power 2011-16.
Whether it’s fair that Labour as the minority party in government get the majority of the blame.
What now for the party?
Paddy talks about the Trade Union movement and why only a bottom up, rather than top down, approach can bring about real change.
This is a tough and sometimes thorny conversation, but we are very grateful to Paddy for coming on, taking the hits and to be able to give them back.

Some strong language and some even stronger opinions throughout.

Paddy Cole #FireAndFury Ep 23 Trailer

A very quick excerpt from our conversation with member of the Labour Party National Executive and proper bearded Lefty, Paddy Cole.

Contains some strong language and some very strong opinions. You’ve been warned.

Anne-Marie McNally #SocItToDem ECP Ep. 20

Martin & Tony are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by Political Director and Social Democrat Representative for Dublin Mid West, Anne-Marie McNally. Anne-Marie is the creator of the #LockedOutGen that we’ve discussed on the pod previously and is someone who has spent her career, in and out of politics joining the dots between politics and what happens in our everyday lives.

They discuss:
The #LockedOutGen and those left behind by the Republic of Opportunity
The #SocDem alternatives and bringing sustainable thinking in politics.
#JoinTheDots and making politics matter everyday
#StormEleanor and the Climate Change Spin Cycle
Anne-Marie tells us why she thinks education is the silver bullet to inequality
We finish with giving their predictions for the next election!

Some strong language, but none from Anne-Marie, she was a complete lady!

Frankie Gaffney #NewYearRevolutions ECP Ep. 19

Tony and Martin are joined in the tortoise shack by Author, Linguist, constant voice for inner city youth and one of our preeminent smart arse’s, Frankie Gaffney. Frankie, while no stranger to controversy, is for my money, one of the most sincere voices around and his calls for unity come from a desire for a better society.

They discuss:
Inequality and the #LockedOutGen
Joining the Dots in 2018.
Left Unity and why Frankie is much more optimistic for 2018.
Social Media: bullying vs debating.
The Labour Party’s road to perdition or redemption.
A very Young Fine Gael Christmas.
We finish with a linguistic view of the Disney Channel accent!

Strong language and bad jokes throughout.

Queen Izzy Kamikaze’s Speech: ECP Ep.5

Re-posting Episode 5 with the amazing Izzy Kamikaze, Christmas Day just seems appropriate to listen to this tireless and irrepressible activist.
Listen to her speak on #MeToo #TuamBabies and the wonder that is Catherine Corless.

The patriarchy gets a good kicking, and that was just Martin!

A sincere thank you to everyone for all the support. Happy Christmas, from Martin and Tony.

Martin was not allowed in the picture!

ECP: Ep 17, Joan Collins TD #NotOurDebt

Tony and Martin are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by Independent TD for Dublin South Central Joan Collins. When the book is written on this age of austerity, Joan will be remembered as a constant voice for the ordinary citizen. Her challenging of the promissory note alone was a battle cry that rejected the “we are where we are” BS that is used to defend the many crises facing the country.

They Discuss: The day Joan confronted outgoing Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.
The worsening housing and homelessness emergency.
What is next for the Irish Labour Party.
How close we really came to a Christmas election.
And how, by having open conversations, the #RepealThe8th referendum can be won.

Not sure there’s any strong language, for once!

The United Left!