Echo Chamber Podcast: Ep 15 Mary McAuliffe

As part of their series of podcasts on the Homelessness Crisis, Martin and Tony are joined by Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Gender Studies, Mary McAuliffe.
Mary is a former president of the Women’s History Association of Ireland. She is a tireless feminist activist and is also a great follow on twitter.

They discuss:
The “inconvenient” voices of women and feminism.
They look at the issue of homelessness and “family hubs” via the prism of our history of warehousing our most vulnerable.
Mary advocates for the naming of the children’s to be: The Kathleen Lynn Hospital.
The changing of Ireland from a Catholic Theocracy, to a Neoliberal Ideology.
They discuss the need for us to own our past and why selling the old Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street to a hotel chain is a BIG mistake.
Above all else, Mary hammers home the point that throughout our History, and up to today, we convict poor people of poverty.

Mary is a passionate and cogent voice for feminism and an advocate for changing and challenging patriarchal power structures.

It’s a great and inconvenient listen…

Martin, Mary and Dobbie the Elf

Echo Chamber Podcast: Anthony Flynn Ep14

In advance of tomorrows A Home For All Event, Martin and Tony sit down with CEO and Co Founder of Inner City Helping Homeless Anthony Flynn. Anthony is a tireless activist for protecting the most vulnerable in our society and along with his dedicated team are on the front line of what is the single biggest issue facing Ireland today as a country.

They discuss:
The heartbreaking fact that 39% of our homeless people are Children.
The inability of the government to get a grip with the issue.
The battle to beat the normalisation of this societal crisis.
Turning the success of The #MyNameIs campaign into a wider campaign.
Above all, telling the government that #HomelessnessIsNotNormal

This is all in advance of tomorrows Songs and Words, A Home For All Event, Dáil Eireann, Kildare St from
pm onwards. Please get along and show your support.

A Home For All
Tony, Anthony and Martin #HomelessnessIsNotNormal

The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 10

Martin and Tony are joined by writer and activist Hazel Katherine Larkin (@HazelKLarkin).

We open the show by trying to draw the border and see if we can get Channel 4 News to pay for it.
Then Hazel, who has a Masters in Human Rights Law, discusses her work with SPARK (Single Parents Acting for the Rights of our Kids), her recent meeting with Minister Regina Doherty and some of the key challenges facing this area.

Nearly one year on from Apollo House (a movement Hazel was involved with) they discuss where we are now and what simple solutions there are that work in other countries.

We discuss the fallout from the panto politics of the last week and then Hazel shares her own experience of a Freedom of Information request regarding her own sexual abuse case, #MeToo
We finish out the show talking about Donald Trump and Martin’s love/hate relationship with the Make America Great Again mob.

This is a great conversation with a truly remarkable woman. Hazel, thank you for coming in and opening up our Echo Chamber!

Strong language and mature themes.

Echo Chamber Episode 10

The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 8

Martin and Tony are joined by twitter royalty, Fintan O’Toolbox. The satirist and wannabe viking brings his no comment commentary to the topics of the week, including:

Will Donegal build a wall and get Derry to pay for it.
The #SFAF17 and the changing face of the party.
The Grand Old Duke of Cork, Micheal Martin and the whistleblower controversy.
The homelessness crisis and Fr Peter McVerry calling Leo Varadkar a Hard Right Taoiseach.
The Flat-Earth corner of twitter
And finally they each have a say on if we are on the verge of a General Election…

Spoiler Alert: Does not contain any spoilers for the upcoming season of Vikings!

We also need to apologise to Fintan for not having prepared any Viking Meats or Ales. Next time, Big Man!

Strong Language and adult themes.

The Viking and the Banker

The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 7

The guys are delighted to be joined by the man behind Callan’s Kicks, the Leader of the Late Late Show Band and creator of Kilkenomics, Paddy Cullivan! Paddy tells the lads all about his love of music, his wacky/not-so-wacky ideas about fixing the country.

They discuss the events of the week, including:
#NotNormal and the Fine Gael Meltdown
Damien English’s media faux pas and admission that our international reputation comes before tackling homelessness.

They also share their views on the:
#RWC2023 the failure and the fallout.
#PSC card and how that controversy continues to grow.
#FutureofEurope The White Paper and the effects on Ireland
#8thCommittee and how the Barry Walsh side of the argument might be the best thing to happen for the Pro Choice side.

They finish by wondering what the Irish robot, who is going to take all our jobs, will look like. A Healy-Rae Bot, anyone?

Strong language and mature themes, by 3 very immature people.

Paddy also breaks the world record for most plugs for his shoes/books/albums in one podcast!

Paddy Cullivan and Martin McMahon

The Echo Chamber Podcast: The Constantin Gurdgiev Interview

Tony got to sit down with Russian Economist Constantin Gurdgiev for an exclusive 1to1 chat. Constantin had just returned from California and he offers his unique insights into the following:
What has happened to the American Dream
The difficult relationship between mainstream media and social media
The difference between RTE and BBC
What is means, to Constantin, to identify as a Libertarian
What we learned from the global financial crisis
And what we didn’t learn…

This interview took place in a car on the drive from Dublin to Kilkenomics, so while the audio quality is lousy, the content from Constantin is not. Please take 35 minutes and listen to one of the best economic minds alive. Enjoy.

Strong language.

The Echo Chamber Podcast Interview

Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 5

This week the lads are joined by the irrepressible Izzy Kamikaze! They remember Dara Quigley and Izzy pays tribute to her friend, Catherine Corless. With less strong language than usual, but mature themes throughout!

Martin was deemed unnecessary for the picture!

Martin was not allowed in the picture!