Aidan Comerford #WellSaid Ep.115

Here in the tortoise shack we have a tendency to get a bit too caught up in the numbers. That’s why what our guest, writer, former (yeah right) musical comedian and totally cracked dad Aidan Comerford, does is so impressive. His twitter threads are things of beauty, telling simple stories that can help readers understand complex issues, make you laugh out loud or give you a that gut-punch you didn’t see coming.
Aidan is a fascinating person and that he is so open about his own struggles is a testament to his resilience and, indeed, his wife’s patience! We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation about an twitter personality, an award winning comic, a one time Damien Rice wannabe, a husband and a father.

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Artwork by @Ciaraioch

Alannah Murray #PlatformsNotPedestals Ep. 101

Some people have a magic ability to make you feel more optimistic about the world. Our guest in the downstairs tortoise shack, film maker, blogger and activist, Alannah Murray is one such person.
We discuss the inequalities the world imposes on people with disabilities, her own experiences, negative and positive and some of the best dark disability humour ever put on a podcast.

The message is clear; don’t patrnoise people with disabilities, don’t put them on a pedestal because of their disability. Do platform them, and then get out of the way.

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