Peter Kavanagh #PopUpGaeltacht Ep.33

The government lost the vote and the PBP Climate Emergency bill was passed. So it was a great to be joined in the tortoise shack by Green Party candidate for Dublin Mid West and Head of Communications and Public Affairs with Active Retirement Ireland, Peter Kavanagh.
We talk what a Green Economy might look like; getting over the wind farm objections, the colonial mind-set and Peter’s work with the elderly and Peter’s love for the Irish Language.

John Lyons #PeopleBeforeProfit Ep. 32

Local Government isn’t working and we are joined in the tortoise shack by the brick wall dismantler, People Before Profit Representative and Dublin City Councillor John Lyons to discuss why.
We also cover #ClimateChaos and the #KeepItInTheGround bill in the Dáil, the need for real accountability and action within Dublin City Council and John brings us up to speed on what is happening(or isn’t happening) on Dublin’s iconic Moore Street.

Richard Chambers #Irexit Ep. 31

Nigel Farage came to Ireland and the Red Caps flocked to the nemesis of multiculturalism, and in the audience was journalist, reporter and presenter for Newstalk, Richard Chambers. Having witnessed the congregation we discuss:
The speech John Waters finally got to make.
The Political Venn Diagram of those who attended the meetings.
The Farage Effect.
The real concerns about the Future of the EU.
The Dinnybot, the Martinbot and the Social Media “debate”.
The need for media diversity.
We even get Richard’s picks for the Super Bowl, Go Pats!

Sinead Mercier #GreenBelt Ep 26

When it comes to tackling climate change Ireland is a laggard. But recently the mood music has changed and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is talking(virtue signalling?) about getting serious about this serious threat.
So with that in mind we are delighted to be joined by in the tortoise shack by Dail Researcher for the Green Party, Climate Change Consultant and Activist, Sinead Mercier
Sinead studied at the London School of Economics and Politics and was involved with organisations like Occupy and other consenus building organisations.

Topics discussed include:
The Green Economy
Ireland’s cold coral and the damage we are doing to it.
The Greens in 2018 and beyond
Carbon colonialism
Occupy and what we can learn from such activism
Witch-hunts, Fairy Forts and the importance of culture

Sinead is an encyclopedia of information and we were thrilled that we got to speak with her. She also wants us to point out that when she refers to the Dept of Petroleum Affairs, she means the Petroleum Affairs Division. Perfectionist!

Anne-Marie McNally #SocItToDem ECP Ep. 20

Martin & Tony are delighted to be joined in the tortoise shack by Political Director and Social Democrat Representative for Dublin Mid West, Anne-Marie McNally. Anne-Marie is the creator of the #LockedOutGen that we’ve discussed on the pod previously and is someone who has spent her career, in and out of politics joining the dots between politics and what happens in our everyday lives.

They discuss:
The #LockedOutGen and those left behind by the Republic of Opportunity
The #SocDem alternatives and bringing sustainable thinking in politics.
#JoinTheDots and making politics matter everyday
#StormEleanor and the Climate Change Spin Cycle
Anne-Marie tells us why she thinks education is the silver bullet to inequality
We finish with giving their predictions for the next election!

Some strong language, but none from Anne-Marie, she was a complete lady!