Ellie Kisyombe & Sile Ni Dhubhghaill #EndDirectProvision Ep.137

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‘Nothing about us, without us,’ is much more than just a catchy slogan. Our guests in the tortoise shack are both local election candidates for the Social Democrats AND are both working, in their own way, to End Direct Provision.

Ellie Kisyombe has lived for a decade in the “temporary” Direct Provision Limbo-Like System and Sile Ni Dubhghaill volunteers in her local community to help people, stuck in what can only be called a National Shame, feel accepted and part of their communities.

We are very lucky to get the opportunity to meet so many people who want to make Ireland a better place. Ellie and Sile are no exception, you might even say they are exceptional. There is so much more I can write to recommend these amazing ladies and their stories, but I think it is better to just let you listen to them.

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