Gene Kerrigan #TheCartel Ep.123

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When we started this podcast we said we’d get to talk to people who we never imagined, and we have. But atop of both of our Most Wanted List from day one sat one name, our guest in the tortoise shack, writer (The Scrap, The Rage), Journalist and the Sunday Independent’s Mr Back Page, Gene Kerrigan.

Do yourself a favour, find a quiet spot, plug in your earphones, turn down the volume and listen to a soft spoken man speak strongly about breaking through the PR Fog, structural inequality and the political cartel that has long dominated the Irish State.

This is the first podcast interview Gene has ever done and we are very grateful that he gave that little exclusive to us in the tortoise shack.

Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to all our listeners. We are going to kick on in 2019. We hope you will join us.

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  1. Ger

    Where is the views on the clear destruction of the nation? Why did Kerrigan skirt the reason why they are not making money is because the media is a propaganda tool of

    Of the governent ? Why did the echo chamber not take him up on this? Too much ass kissing. Time to sign off.

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