Peter O’Dwyer #NBP Ep. 127

The National Broadband Plan – Journalism Matters

Ireland has a chequered past when it comes to the awarding of State contracts from the Department of Communications. The work of our guest in the tortoise shack, Times Ireland Edition Senior Reporter and Limerick man, Peter O’Dwyer, has added to this legacy of disrepute. He picked at a thread until he had exposed a series of off the record meetings between the now former Communications Minister and the main bidder for the lucrative National Broadband Plan contract.

Peter identified blatant breach of the rules established to protect us, the public, from cosy cartel dealings. The government answered, in our opinion, with a whitewash report, a shrug of their shoulders and have carried on regardless.

A rushed report and a hearing at the PAC that fully vindicated Peter’s story was deemed enough for the govt to carry on because they said the process hadn’t been fatally damaged.

Honestly, what is the point in having rules to protect the public when govt can pick and choose when to apply them?

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