Jurassic Arse #AnnoyPeople Ep.91

There are lots of different ‘Twitters’. Our guest in the tortoise shack, malcontent, voice of the Anti-Dublin League and proud Kells man, @JurassicArse aka Gary, came over to tell us why he loves and hates the platform and how “annoying folk who deserve it” is all he’s here for.

From the adventures of babby, to what his predictive text does if he types “the” into the phone, Gary is one of the best (and occasionally funny) people on Twitter and not as hard as he lets on.

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The ramblings of a malcontent, with a Utopian vision that I'm told is too Utopian. An optimist, who believes others can see beyond the end of their noses. Failed Banker & Reforming Human...

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