Dr Stephen Murphy #GPCrisis Ep.83

We are constantly told that we spend more on our health service that nearly anywhere else on the planet, and while this is largely true it doesn’t tell the real story. Lecturer and GP Trainer, Dr Stephen Murphy tells us about what he feels is an existential threat to the Family GP practice.
We also discuss the ongoing cervical check scandal and how governing from crisis to crisis is never going to tackle the underlying issues.

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  1. Dr Murphy comes across as a dedicated professional “stuck” in a system which he feels he cannot change, OTOH, he is the front line and could encourage his patients to lobby for change. Maybe he is constrained by ethical considerations, but the changes must come from within.

    He rants, politely, about the HSE and the lack of reaction from them to input by the medical l
    professionals. He speaks, passionately, about the spend on health and the lack of results. There is nothing new about this, but Tony Groves keeps up the pressure,good for him.

    He and his colleagues must work to have more control of the management of the system. To do this they must be better organised, at the political level, to use the multiplier effect of their clients.to change the system.

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