(This is an anonymous submission)

You think you know me and my life, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s wife,

Always described in your terms, an add on, an other, never just me,

Sometimes fragile, sometimes strong, I can’t always be right, can’t always be wrong,

My choices the subject of your conversation, your issue, your cause, but what about me?

Don’t I get to have a say, in what happens to me, my body, my life, my future?

My decision on any given day, overruled by you conscience, your church, your constitution,

Men, well meaning I’m sure, never having to deal with the hard cases, that long dark tunnel I’m forced into to salve whatever they think passes as good, proper and holy,

Don’t shame me, don’t blame me, 100 years is enough,

It’s for me choose my life’s direction, you need to be more than just an erection.


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The ramblings of a malcontent, with a Utopian vision that I'm told is too Utopian. An optimist, who believes others can see beyond the end of their noses. Failed Banker & Reforming Human...

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