Brian Hayes #Leotopia Ep. 37

Opinion poll after opinion poll puts Fine Gael way ahead of the rest of the chasing pack. Leo Varadkar is the most popular leader since Bertie. So do we live in a #Leotopia or are we just falling for the spin. Fine Gael MEP for Dublin, Brian Hayes joins us to discuss whether it’s an Irish success story, or are we buying the Strategic Communications Unit hype.
We also discuss the future of Europe, PESCO and Ireland’s neutrality.

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  1. Great stuff, but whatever way you twist it the stats don’t indicate the reality. 100% increase in tax take is a number, it does not reflect the basis. If we have that, how have we no building of affordable houses, for example?

    Pity you didn’t get more out of Brian on why are we looking for a derogation on GDPR? The multinational’s want it, why? So that they can exploit their customer data without oversight.

    Keep up the “self employed” scandal. The store of the gig must be exposed, especially the underhand and illegal actions of the revenue.


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