Sinead Mercier #GreenBelt Ep 26

When it comes to tackling climate change Ireland is a laggard. But recently the mood music has changed and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is talking(virtue signalling?) about getting serious about this serious threat.
So with that in mind we are delighted to be joined by in the tortoise shack by Dail Researcher for the Green Party, Climate Change Consultant and Activist, Sinead Mercier
Sinead studied at the London School of Economics and Politics and was involved with organisations like Occupy and other consenus building organisations.

Topics discussed include:
The Green Economy
Ireland’s cold coral and the damage we are doing to it.
The Greens in 2018 and beyond
Carbon colonialism
Occupy and what we can learn from such activism
Witch-hunts, Fairy Forts and the importance of culture

Sinead is an encyclopedia of information and we were thrilled that we got to speak with her. She also wants us to point out that when she refers to the Dept of Petroleum Affairs, she means the Petroleum Affairs Division. Perfectionist!

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