Glenn Fitzpatrick #LockedOutGen #EchoPods Ep 18.

Martin and Tony are delighted to be joined by Activist, Trade Unionist and co-host of the fortnightly podcast The Suss, Glenn Fitzpatrick. Glenn is a passionate advocate for joining the dots between politics and the challenges facing his generation.

They Discuss:
The #LeftBehindGen of couch-surfing, precarious renting, tenuous employment and the snowflake tag!
Engaging with the #RepealThe8th movement and helping it become a force for engaging younger people in politics.
The Trade Union movement and the need to win back the rights lost over the last 10 years.
Glenn, as a music aficionado, makes the first ever ‘Grime’ reference on the pod. Tony and Martin thought he meant the tortoise shack was dirty.

Strong Language and some laughs…

Tony, Glenn and Kojak

Happy Christmas, folks and thanks for all your support!

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