Echo Chamber Podcast: Ep 15 Mary McAuliffe

As part of their series of podcasts on the Homelessness Crisis, Martin and Tony are joined by Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Gender Studies, Mary McAuliffe.
Mary is a former president of the Women’s History Association of Ireland. She is a tireless feminist activist and is also a great follow on twitter.

They discuss:
The “inconvenient” voices of women and feminism.
They look at the issue of homelessness and “family hubs” via the prism of our history of warehousing our most vulnerable.
Mary advocates for the naming of the children’s to be: The Kathleen Lynn Hospital.
The changing of Ireland from a Catholic Theocracy, to a Neoliberal Ideology.
They discuss the need for us to own our past and why selling the old Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street to a hotel chain is a BIG mistake.
Above all else, Mary hammers home the point that throughout our History, and up to today, we convict poor people of poverty.

Mary is a passionate and cogent voice for feminism and an advocate for changing and challenging patriarchal power structures.

It’s a great and inconvenient listen…

Martin, Mary and Dobbie the Elf

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  1. ger

    Hi Tony, I note your comments with interest and you are correct. When, by joining the dots as I have not by design but by circumstance what has been uncovered there in that Isle of Saints is far worse than you think. It was done by ‘conditioning’ and bit by bit so not as to attract too much interest by the issue at the moment. In other words, when the dots are joined the shocks set it. And trust me, they soon will catching all media and journalist like yourself wrongfooted. I too did not see it even though in writing it was obvious. It took time to understand how I too did not see what was happening so no blame is being attached to anyone.

    That said, If the truth about Ireland and its real masters interests you I will be happy to to show you.

    Well done. Ger

    PS, I spent my 5th Xmas homeless in an Asian 3rd world country where I was forceably exiled and kept here after a ‘layover’ on a business trip to the U.S.

    Hang on to your chair Tony, we’re in a for a bumpy night.

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