The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 12 Rory Hearne

Martin and Tony are joined in the tortoise shack by Rory Hearne, Rory among the many strings in his bow (Academic, Author, Political Analyst, Activist) is also a constant thorn in the side of the people who like to say “It’s not that simple”, or “we are where we are”. Basically, he’s the guy in the room who thinks there are solutions, it’s a lack of implementation that holds us back.

They discuss:
How to solve the housing Crisis.
A Republic of opportunity vs a republic of equality.
Is a Left Wing Government possible.
How a unified left could put an alternative Government together.
And they discuss Tuesday’s A Home For All Event which Rory and Erica Fleming will both be speaking at.

There’s also a little story about the day Rory ran with Leo in the Phoenix Park…

Strong language about the destruction of language!

A Home For All

Tony, Rory and Martin

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