Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 11 #Brexit Pop-up Pod

Brexit and Bad B1thches


Tony and Martin discuss what a difference a week makes. From a Christmas Election to a Brexit Meltdown. They give their opinions on where we are and what is likely to happen next.
Martin, unsurprisingly, sees elections everywhere…
They also cover the Home For All #HomelessnessisNOTnormal Event taking place on December 12th, outside the Dáil. Please come along!

They close out the show by discussing how is a Badder B1tch than Taylor Swift…

Strong language and mature themes. And please excuse Tony’s shoddy editing!

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  1. Just to clarify how far right we are – In Norway Jeremy Corbyn would be considered “an unremarkably mainstream, run-of-the-mill social-democrat” according to one Norwegian academic – see

    Also as to declaring homelessness a “National Emergency” – well in 2011 Mary Harney declared the “trolley crisis” a “National Emergency”.

    These are not problems – these are policies. After all we have now, with FG/FF, what amounts to a “National Government” and the opposition declare that they want these problems addressed.

    As Gene K states “if a solvable problem persists, its not a problem, its a policy.”

    I would welcome being corrected on this.

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