The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 10

Martin and Tony are joined by writer and activist Hazel Katherine Larkin (@HazelKLarkin).

We open the show by trying to draw the border and see if we can get Channel 4 News to pay for it.
Then Hazel, who has a Masters in Human Rights Law, discusses her work with SPARK (Single Parents Acting for the Rights of our Kids), her recent meeting with Minister Regina Doherty and some of the key challenges facing this area.

Nearly one year on from Apollo House (a movement Hazel was involved with) they discuss where we are now and what simple solutions there are that work in other countries.

We discuss the fallout from the panto politics of the last week and then Hazel shares her own experience of a Freedom of Information request regarding her own sexual abuse case, #MeToo
We finish out the show talking about Donald Trump and Martin’s love/hate relationship with the Make America Great Again mob.

This is a great conversation with a truly remarkable woman. Hazel, thank you for coming in and opening up our Echo Chamber!

Strong language and mature themes.

Echo Chamber Episode 10

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