The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 8

Martin and Tony are joined by twitter royalty, Fintan O’Toolbox. The satirist and wannabe viking brings his no comment commentary to the topics of the week, including:

Will Donegal build a wall and get Derry to pay for it.
The #SFAF17 and the changing face of the party.
The Grand Old Duke of Cork, Micheal Martin and the whistleblower controversy.
The homelessness crisis and Fr Peter McVerry calling Leo Varadkar a Hard Right Taoiseach.
The Flat-Earth corner of twitter
And finally they each have a say on if we are on the verge of a General Election…

Spoiler Alert: Does not contain any spoilers for the upcoming season of Vikings!

We also need to apologise to Fintan for not having prepared any Viking Meats or Ales. Next time, Big Man!

Strong Language and adult themes.

The Viking and the Banker

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