The Echo Chamber Podcast: Episode 6

The Lack of Freedom of Information Podcast

This week Tony and Martin are joined by DIT Lecturer and Investigative Journalist, Ken Foxe. Ken is the thorn in the side of many a faceless bureaucrat and was lovingly described as “the most irritating man in Ireland” by Gene Kerrigan.

In the first half they discuss:
#280Characters and the waffle merchants.
#FreedomOfInformation and the tenacity of real investigative journalism.
#NotMyTaoisock and how Leo has given up on a large part of the electorate.
Ken then talks political expenses and the state acting to insulate itself against proper transparency.

In the second part they cover:
#ParadisePapers and how large parts of the media are restricted by the access to the documents.
#BeWithAIB offshore!
#RWC2023 and the Isle of Mann bank accounts!
Then Ken discusses Ireland’s stringent defamation laws and how they are of benefit to the very wealthy.
They cover John Halligan, the Independent Korean Alliance and the Hangover 4. Then finish with Simon Harris and his mis-truths on #CBLive
Sia’s bum, of course, gets a mention.
Strong language and adult themes.
Thanks for listening!

Ken Foxe and the lads

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