Disgustingly Decent

Disgusting. It’s disgusting that a man can have his life ruined over Penalty Points. It’s disgusting that our Senior Police Force can seem to orchestrate these things and only ever be held to account in an inquiry with limited frames of reference and no real powers of enforcement.

It’s disgusting to watch our Political Leaders scurry away from microphones like cockroaches when the light is tuned on. It’s disgusting to hear Politicians, who are paid exorbitant salaries, are unaware of things widely known (and sadly believed) throughout the country.

It’s disgusting to be governed by RTE’s Prime Time. It’s disgusting to have to wait for a Television Programme to force a Do Nothing Dail into limp-wristed, hand-wringing action. It’s disgusting to see Ministers then get a platform to say they weren’t aware of anything and then express their own disgust and upset.

It’s disgusting to be preached at by the same Commentariat who propagated the lies about the best way to proceed now. It’s disgusting to listen to much of the Media bemoan the stink of Fake News on Social Media, while expecting us to hold our noses while they peddle their own brand of Horse Shit.

It’s disgusting to know (deep down we know) that after the storm has dissipated and the next crisis arises, nothing will have gotten reformed, those responsible will shuffle away to large severance deals and chunky pensions. It’s disgusting to realise that this is the inevitable outcome.

It’s disgusting to think how much money has already been spent, and will continue to be wasted, in helping us not to get to the bottom of this entire disgusting episode. It’s disgusting to hear of a criminally underfunded Garda Force, while aware we are burning money in propping up the injustice at the centre of the blight.

Martin Callinan called the Whistleblowers disgusting. The Chumocracy went along for the disgusting ride. The public tut tutted in disgust. An innocent man was ruined. I am disgusted at my Health Service, my Government, my Police Force and myself.

Maurice McCabe is the opposite of disgusting, he is thoroughly decent. And we could all do with a little more decency in our lives.


Tony Groves February 2017 simon

image courtesy of the very decent @feckthelottom

3 thoughts on “Disgustingly Decent

  1. No comments, yet?I In my opinion disgusting is too mild a word.

    OK, ask yourself who will be in the streets, like the much maligned Romanians.

    Just another nine day wonder, FG will be happy, it is keeping homelessness off the front page.

  2. “We have endured eight years of great suffering, private nightmare, public defamation and state vilification, arising solely from the determination of Maurice to ensure that the Garda Siochana adheres to decent and appropriate standards of policing in its dealings with the Irish people,”

    “These events have, one way or another, given rise to a long series of state investigations, ranging from internal Garda investigations (disciplinary and administrative), the Fennelly Commission, the O’Higgins Commission, several GCOC investigations (some of them targeted indirectly at Maurice), and investigations within HSE and Tusla (some of them targeted at both of us and some of them concerning what those agencies have done to us) and the reports of Sean Guerin SC and former Judge larfhlaith O’Neill. All of these have taken place in private.”

    There is an intimidation, brown enveloped, quite nod in shadowed places, stench about our political landscape. While we have apparently dropped another point in the corruption index, I wonder, what envelope passed palms, to find that added kudos of respectability. What does it take for Ireland to channel a bit of the Romanian ‘screw you’ spirit of, no, we will not stand by while you bypass the get out of gaol free card into the avoid scrutiny stakes?

    The only way change for good, or for bad takes place, is when there is competition at the top of the pyramid. We saw that in the UK, a political squabble, that set the stage for the referendum. It had nothing to do with the people and everything to do with political posturing. Is that our problem here, is everyone so in the circle, with palms greased enough from the up and coming to the already entrenched that there is never a conflict for influence at the top?

    The French Revolution was not the peasants acting on their tod, rather the bourgeoisie fed up of the elitism and hindering their ascending to what they saw as their place in society. Is our bipolar begrudgery, thwarting any chance for change? Doing better than thy neighbour or enforced living in a hotel, both frowned, both shunned, I’m all right Jack, so what do I care.

    When three “egos” govern, egoism, egotism, and egocentrism, the feeling of social links and responsibility toward others disappear, and the society in question splinters into groups ever more hostile to each other. When a hysterical environment stops differentiating the opinions of limited, not-quite-normal people from those of normal, reasonable persons, this opens the door for activation of the pathological factors of a various nature to enter in. Partisan is in the people, writ large in the cesspools they call comment sections. However, where is the partisan in our politics? An alphabet soup of Marxism madness, that one really cannot take seriously. A Labour of mediocrity, numbingly uninspiring, fringes of homework blogs talking about bigger hammers while offering little else of substance. Which leaves us with the pocket billiards gestures of Gails of Fails, like the last wallflower after a solid beer googled evening, why not, what’s the worst that can happen?

    Well, yes, you see Doc, I have this fucking itch and the discharge, well, it fecking stinks.

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