Enda’s Rump

Seven weeks ago I wrote about the Lame Duck Taoiseach and how people go through the 5 Stages of Grief differently. While some are intent on staying in the Bargaining Stage forever, it appears finally, that we’ve come to the day that the majority of “elected officials” have moved to Acceptance. Albeit a belated reluctant acceptance. A grudging acknowledgement, that they must get on with the job of governing and abandon their 7/8 week hiatus. This, they want you to believe, is progress.

It is not! This is shadow boxing when the rest of the world is spoiling for a real fight. They will soon form a government and they will expect us to be grateful that it only took them 7 or 8 weeks to do it. You can hear it in their speeches. The newly elected Right Wing TD Noel Rock, last week boasted how “his party had engaged in 50 hours of negotiations”. Imagine the hubris of boasting working 50 Hours in a four week period! Is this the Reform promised by the new breed?

In 1653, Oliver Cromwell spoke against the Rump Parliament (1948-53) and is quoted as saying:

“You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately…Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, Go!”

The Rump Parliament has become a term to describe a governing parliament left over from the actual legitimate parliament. The fascinating thing about Ireland’s situation is that our next Government will be a Rump Parliament from the outset. They’ve de-legitimised themselves already. Wasting time bickering about “civil war politics” and “red line issues” as people sleep on the streets and waste away on hospital trolleys.

Honestly, the level of mental incompetence demonstrated over the past few weeks could be a study in “What not to do?” when you start a new job.

Don’t divide the workforce up into cliques.

Don’t rule out what your employer (the electorate) has asked you to do.

Don’t spend your days gossiping.

Don’t spend your evenings running down the company.

Don’t think you are irreplaceable.

This Rump Parliament has yet to sit and it has demonstrated a lack of vision, a dearth of talent and a disdain for making hard choices. A friend of mine always tells me that “We get the government that we elect”. Well not this time. This time we are getting the Rump; and before it has even sat, it’s time for it to go.

A lame duck Taoiseach cannot lead a lame duck administration. It can waddle on a few months; maybe even a year or two. But as it will be a Minority Government, it will never have the legitimacy of representing the Majority of the Electorate. No matter the formation, this will be the first Government to be sworn in against the voice the electorate.

So they fiddle while Rome burns. They play at politics to avoid working at governance. Let them at it. We are only getting hungrier while they delay. We want Change, we want reform and we want fairness. And at the next election, whenever it comes, ravenous, we will eat the Rump first.

Tony Groves April 2016 IMG_3988


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