No Country For Young Women

Let’s make something clear from the outset. It’s not an admission; it’s a declaration of self-regard. I am a Man! And, as a Man in 2016 Ireland, I have certain Powers & Privileges. With great power comes great responsibility. And, as a Man, I fully accept responsibility for wielding my Power & Privilege just as incompetently as the rest of my peers.

When RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime show this week hosted a panel debate, the five contributors were Men. Five wise Men, assembled to discuss what Potential, if any, the next Government had, in allowing for the Potential of a discussion to happen, on Potentially repealing the 8th amendment. Potentially. Power & Privilege.

Our national broadcaster and its embattled Deputy Director-General, Kevin Backhurst, understand the way things are. Yes, we have all sorts of protections and legislation’s that offer all sorts of rights; access to justice, freedom of speech and equality. But we must ensure these legislation’s don’t usurp the way we Men like things. That’s our Power & Privilege.

We, as Men, must keep a tight rein on these “rights”. We can’t allow access to justice extend to the likes of Catherine Murphy and her attempts to uncover the facts of the Siteserv (now Actavo) scam. We don’t want freedom of speech meaning that the plebeians’ feel they have the right to protest. And above all else, we MUST NOT allow equality spread beyond our round table of noble Men. Women must not be giving a say in the determination of their own bodies in the same way as us, the Powerful & Privileged.

When Ireland voted to extend Marriage Equality to our LGBT brothers and sisters in May 23rd 2015, the panel of wise Men warned us that the “liberals” wouldn’t be satisfied. The Ionian’s knew they’d be back demanding a repeal of the 8th amendment and forcing everyone to have abortions. How right (wing conservative) they were! A little Power & Privilege has emboldened the “liberals”.

So, I’m writing this as a wake up call to my fellow Men. My brethren sleep walking towards their own extinction. Snap out of it! Do you want your daughters to have the same Powers and Privileges as your sons? Do you want the women in your workplace afforded the same control over their bodies as you? Do you want them to be allowed to choose whether or not to proceed with a doomed pregnancy? Imagine the horrors that would await should we extend them further equality and decriminalise their desire to have control over their lives and bodies. No, we must not extend women such Powers & Privileges.

My brothers, look at your sisters, mothers and daughters. Look at them for what they are, Lesser; Lesser in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of society. Many of them are nothing more than criminals who slink off to Liverpool to carry out their particular heinous crimes. These are not creatures that we can trust to wield wisely our righteous Powers & Privileges.

I remember an interview with fashion designer Brendan Courtney before the marriage equality vote. I remember how he felt, as a gay man, diminished in having to ask his fellow Irish brothers and sisters to grant him a right they took for granted. The cheek of him! Here we were, deigning to include him in a little bit of our Power & Privilege and he felt less than equal. I also remember how euphoric he was when the democratic voice of the country voted in favour of marriage equality, that’s Power & Privilege in action.

So comrades, when we go to the polls next Friday to raise our democratic voices, remember our mothers, sisters and daughters. Remember, as nice as they are, they are Lesser. And only by voting for Fine Gael and Fianna Fail can we assure they remain that way. Take that pencil in your hand and strike a blow against these “liberals” who believe women should have the right to self-determination. Vote for enda kenny and micheal martin, brave Men who understand that only by obfuscating, kicking the can down the road and hiding inequality in a citizens forum, can we maintain our Power & Privilege.

Make sure and tell your friends (all Men, naturally) to vote exclusively for Fine Gael and Fianna Fail. We must bring this erosion of our Power & Privilege to a halt. Convince as many women as you can to vote Fine Gael and Fianna Fail. Lie to them about how the Citizens Forum will deliver a road-map or some other nonsense. Lie like your Power & Privilege depends on it!

If we do not make a stand next Friday and stop the relentless march of equality, we’ll wake up one morning to discover we are Lesser. They’ll have taken our Power & Privilege.

Tony Groves February 2016

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