You Got The F.E.A.R

When the Stone Roses Ian Brown rolled back into our ears in 2001 with his song F.E.A.R many (myself included) struggled to overlook the novelty of the song and focus instead of the lyrical craftsmanship. But the song stuck with me. If you are unfamiliar, go have a listen here. Go on, I’ll wait…

“Fallen Empires Are Ruling”

Fifteen years on and I think he was singing about how Fear can be overcome. As we move nearer the endgame, with little over 10 days to go until Polling Stations open, it’s clear the Government Parties have got the FEAR. They are afraid that people don’t buy their Chaos and Instability Bullshit.
And instead of facing their Fears and accepting their mistakes, they’re determined to use that Fear to terrorise, traumatise and scaremonger the electorate. A combination of Negative Campaigning, Smearing of Opposition, Outrageous Unverified Claims and Media Manipulation designed to scare us back into line. One commentator referred to it as “bringing the electorate back into line”.

“For Everything A Reason”

Don’t believe me, try asking about the Global Economic Meltdown, you’ll likely get told Micheal Martin eats Labrador Puppies. Mention the hole in Michael Noonan’s “economic plan” and some canvasser will issue a somber warning that Sinn Fein have guerrilla armies waiting to Kill & Destroy. Look to your local Government representative for help with a local issue and be subjected to a tale about how Paul Murphy, Mick Wallace and a Satanic Cult indulge in human sacrifice every Tuesday afternoon.
They want to Scare You into voting for them. Fear is the tactic, it’s the value, it’s the only card left to play. The Chumocracy are afraid and they want to spread it about. But it won’t work this time.

“For Each A Road”

A bully uses Fear to get what he or she wants. And for a time this can work. But eventually someone stands up to the bully, calls them out for the cowards and frauds that they are. And when that happens, the bully is finished. This Government is playing the Bully. They are trying to bully the electorate, stoking Fear to get re-elected. They know they have failed on their key 2011 promises (Trolley Scandal anyone?). They have no credibility nor any real plan other than get re-electe. They have no clue what to do but resort to scare tactics. And, sadly, it might work. Some I speak to are afraid, they’re not sure what they’re really afraid of. None of them actually believe the incompetent incumbents are irreplaceable. Most, in fact, believe that no matter who gets elected, we will continue as we are. Beaten, slapped and beaten again. The whipping boys of the Chumocracy. They are wrong.

“Finding Everything And Realising”

It doesn’t get acknowledged enough, but we are a remarkable country. We lifted 42% of Europe’s Bank Debt (Yes 42% of ALL European Bank Debt) onto our shoulders. We allowed enda pretend he achieved the “seismic shift” of retrospective bank recapitalisation , we let him lie about “game changers” and We still got on with the business of getting on. We remember how the fantasist enda had a contract in 2011 for change and reform. And we know we played our part. We have the scars to prove it. People endured cuts, lost homes, died on trollies, while 10% of young people emigrated and suicide grew by 37%. Still, we carried on. But we remembered…

“Forgive Everybody And Remember”

Let me tell you what I believe. I Believe people who have endured all of the above have lost their Fear. I Believe people who remember the pain are not going to be bullied into allowing the same people, who failed in their side of the enda kenny Contract, back in for another shot! I Believe we will not dishonour our families abroad and those no longer with us, by giving into Fear and Intimidation. I Believe we are going to stand up for ourselves, look that Bully in the eye and tell him to F@ck Off!

“Free Expression As Revolution”

Do You Believe, or have you got the FEAR?


Tony Groves February 2016

7 thoughts on “You Got The F.E.A.R

  1. I believe the first order of business after #ge11 was “How do we manage to get ourselves elected in 2016”.

    I think also that it’s going to take another election – which might come in or before 2018 – to put Fine Gael back in their box.

  2. While we have to focus on FG since they are in power, the downward spiral for loading the bank debt on the public shoulders lies squarely with FF. I would hate to see FG rousted out only to be replaced by their clones.

  3. Agree. FG might be useless in many ways, but they weren’t on watch when the economy got wrecked. Or not on watch as it might more accurately be put. Come to think about it, FF have form on that one (Jack Lynch had a good go, and anyone remember how well the economic war went?). Careless perhaps.
    The problem with FG is that they are overly fond of the hairshirt – especially if others are doing the wearing. Labour are much the same – and too concerned with fighting with each other to be helpful.
    So the FEAR might be, when one wonders who is actually both competent, and concerned with equality, the answer is….. Not terribly clear really.

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