Goldman Sachs & Pillages

In what is entirely predictable to anyone not immersed in the Mainstream Media or the Chumocracy, we have seen the rise of politicians and statesmen of polar opposite world views. The disconnect, as pointed out by Dr Julien Mercile, between the media, politics and the people, is a vast and widening crevice. And before you say “wasn’t it always thus?” No, it was not. When the war criminal Tony Blair was running the Labour Party, he was more Tory than the Tories. The saxophone playing Clinton administration carried out more acts of war than that of George Bush Snr. Closer to home, we’ve swarped Fianna Fail for Fine Gael in a repetitive rearranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic exercise. A game of Who gets to crash into the iceberg this time!

Finally in Ireland (and globally), we are now seeing a real divide emerge. The majority of people have rejected the politics of “Talking about Reform” while keeping the Chumocracy going. Bernie Sanders, an old white Jewish man, is a leading voice for the Black Lives Matter cause. Jeremy Corbyn , a dedicated man of peace and reconciliation, has increased the Labour membership by 400%! And in the USA, Donald Trump has appealed to many who feel their conservatism and avarice are not only good values, but crucial to the “American Dream”.

David McWilliams was on Twitter calling the Fianna Fail/ Fine Gael “differences” what they are, Bollix! I couldn’t have put it better myself David.

There is a clear Left-Right demarcation that isn’t discussed (surprise, surprise) in the mainstream media. A line in the sand between those who want a fairer society and those who believe that the trickle down fallacy of economics will work this time. As said before, Capitalism has failed, will continue to fail, and is inherently unstable. See Steve Keen for more…

The standard bearer for what side of the line You fall is none other than Goldman Sachs. You see, Goldman Sachs, the world’s most fined bank, are the moral compass and spiritual guide of the Right side of the split. (Lets not ignore Peter Sutherland,  Fine Gael‘s close Goldman Sachs link.) They’re constantly used to belittle anyone outside of their world view. In the last four months they’ve declared: Bernie Sanders the biggest danger to the US and Global economy; Jeremy Corbyn the biggest danger to the UK economy and Sinn Fein the biggest threat to the Irish economy.

Banks like Goldman Sachs and HSBC have paid Billions in fines for overseeing the laundering of monies for war criminals and drug cartels. Still our media allow them pass judgement on those who want to see a re-balancing of the world’s wealth. And no one bats an eye! When enda finally announced the date of the General Election, RTE News opened their Leaders questions to Gerry Adams by stating Goldman Sachs’ fears!

Honestly, this happened. They quoted The Worlds Most Fined Bank as a source of moral and economic virtue! I don’t know about you, but I’d sooner sit with Sanders and Corbyn in the naughty corner, than have the approval of the repugnant Goldman Sachs.

In no world do I want to see my children grow up where my State Broadcaster quotes these companies. Goldman Sachs were the driving force in the hiding of Greek Debt, that in turn led to the credit bubble and much of the European Financial Crisis.

So, Where do you want to sit? With Bernie and Jeremy and the hope and determination to build a fairer society? Or in the plush offices of the morally bankrupt bank that bankrupted our society?

I’m reminded of Yanis Varoufakis saying he’d “wear the creditors’ loathing with pride.” I might print up some t-shirts with the mantra “Goldman Sachs (& Pillages) are Scared of Me”. Would you wear one?

Tony Groves February 2016




3 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs & Pillages

  1. Well T, I agree absolutely that you don’t want the Great Octopus defining what one should and shouldn’t vote for (or interfering at all to be honest) – but not sure that it follows that it’s all FG. I suspect that FF and Labour and a fair few of other parties would follow the whim of our capitalist certainties as a matter of pragmatism once elected. But hey, when was it any different? And of course SF struggles with its failure on the other aspect of socialism – that is the goal of promoting a brother(or sister-)-hood of mankind. A little bit too much history there to tick that box. In fairness the Great Octopus tribe isn’t great on that count either come to think of it…..

    The problem it seems is not one of politics. Rather it is a problem of structure – we have passed laws which allow corporates usurp traditional sovereign powers, without constraint. Oops.

    So what to do? Who to vote for? Answers on a ballot paper coming to you soon, please.

  2. Good one Tony. Of all the sickeners surrounding Sutherland worst is his resurrection as spokesperson of refugees!! Seems to have dropped off that radar.

    I think goldman sucks still gets the revenue, amongst other things, from Athens airport as a result of a deal they did Papandreou, picking up the debts in return for apparently boosting the books.

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