The “R” Word

Not too long ago I attended a Banking Conference (we’re not all soulless monsters) where I noticed a terrible linguistic trend; the emergence of the “R” words.

You see the majority of speakers (Mostly Well-Intentioned Senior Bankers) spoke about their optimism for the Financial Services Sectors future but, each of them, unknown to themselves, spoke about the future in the past tense.

The summation of this (yes I took notes) was over 40 uses of “R” words. Words like, Reinvigorate, Refresh, Rediscover, Rebuild, Regather and that particular virulent “R” word, Recover. When I took the microphone and pointed out this “Back to the Future” phenomenon, it was not well “Received”!!

None the less, when I finished my piece I went off script, ending my input with a simple question to the Speakers on the stage; “After all these “R” words, What’s New?” An awkward silence hung in the room, the only thing moving, my career prospects dashing out the door…

Yesterday the Fine Gael automatons were sent out into the world with clear instructions; answer every question: “Let’s keep the “Recovery” going”.


Would you like to go large for an extra 50c? Let’s keep the “Recovery” going.

Do you think Man Utd will hire Mourinho? Lets’s keep the “Recovery” going

But their Public Relations handlers, Private Polling Companies and Spin Doctors have missed the biggest lesson of the last 8 years. We do not want to “Recover” or go back to the Celtic Tiger of hyper consumerism and “I’m All Right Jackism”. We have learnt a hard and painful lesson and have no intention of having to “Relearn” it again.

Speeches about the infinite “Fiscal Space” and how we can cut everyone’s taxes AND improve public services AND save a rainy day fund, we know is complete Bull Shit. The Government ambition to “Recover” us back to Pre 2008 levels is nothing but a short sighted plan to get back to the system, which got us into this mess in the first place. Do you want to go back? The last “Recession” almost “Ruined” us. They are hell bent on “Recovering” us back to it!

Every time you hear the “Let’s keep the Recovery going” shtick “Remember” what it means. It means a “Return” to old values of cronyism, nepotism, corruption and an avarice that would put King Midas to shame. “Recovery” means going back to that. “Recovery” is for the Chumocracy.

If you meet a “Recovery” automaton, you might do me a favour; ask it “After all these “R” words; What’s New?”

Tony Groves Feb 2016 IMG_2852

3 thoughts on “The “R” Word

  1. Best article yet!!

    “Let’s keep the recovery going”

    Pure scare tactics,
    “We haven’t screwed up as much as the last crowd, so you’d better vote us back in”

    Anyway, I’m going to say what we’re all thinking…. TG, When are you going to “Run”?…. And I don’t mean on that dodgy knee you have


  2. Another ‘R’ word. Resilience. “The ability of a system to maintain function once shocked”. Now agreed as a core goal by OECD etc. If Irish economy lacked that in 2008, “recovery” will not get us there. In fact, recovery post austerity means making do without the “functionality” jettisoned in the GFC (labour rights, healthcare, housing policies, that sort of thing). Well that’s grand, then, thanks lads.

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