Banging the David Drumm

Frank Flannery is on the wireless, telling me the Fine Gael election vote won’t be adversely affected by the Six Nations Twickenham Egg Chasing Extravaganza. And I couldn’t care less. My mind conjures up a Terry Prone/Frank Flannery hybrid of clichés, sound-bites and smugness. A public relations spin doctor of titanic proportions. And I couldn’t care less.

Alan Kelly is wearing his slightly less reptilian skin in the Sunday papers. He tells me that “Power” suits him and that he abhors sleep. As puff pieces go, it’s an interesting insight into the mind of a megalomaniac with sociopathic tendencies. AND, I couldn’t care less…

David Drumm is telling me he is willing to come home, face the music and even wear an ankle bracelet. He must have agreed the terms on his “Expression of Deep Regret”. I hear he’ll be suspended from the Chumocracy for 4 years. With time served and the last 2 years suspended he will be welcome back in the old Boys Network by September 2016. And I couldn’t care less.

Gene Kerrigan has a piece on what I termed last week “Discordant Discourse” and the art of political unanswered answers. But it can’t lift the gloom. I’m upset, no, that’s not strong enough a word……. I’m terrified!

You see, I’ve had enough of these Sunday Polls. Not so much the Polls themselves, but the 7-12% of voters who are undecided. These people, allowing for margin of error, are the group that scare me. They’re the ones who will potentially continue us down a path of Greed, Social Exclusion and the Ruination of the Public Sphere or, and it’s a big OR, they could swing the vote to enable a majority coalition of the left, with a vision for a fairer economy, a more inclusive society and public services that work.

Jim “Soft Landing” Power is in the paper spinning. He’s telling lies. He’s saying the government manage “scarce resources… to meet the needs that are basically insatiable”. This is the BIG LIE. Resources are not scarce, they are misappropriated. We produce enough food in this country to feed 50 Million people. We have an untapped availability of clean energy and the only insatiable demand we continue to feed is the black hole of legacy debt. But I don’t hear that message anywhere.

I do hear the Fluff of Frank Flannery, the Tao of Terry Prone and the “Discordant Discourse” of the Government. And if we don’t start addressing this deflection and tell our families and friends not to be distracted by it, then the 12% undecided will go with the flow, plum for the incompetent incumbents and we will be back in the same mess again… Zero Hour Contracts, Job Bridge Work Schemes, Tax Inversion Schemes and further inequalities dressed up as Growth and Recovery. Honestly, If we “Recover” anymore, 30% of families are in danger of homelessness.

The David Drumm of distraction will be beaten incessantly on the airwaves and in the newspapers. The rhythmic sound of faux outrage mixed with the cacophony of calls for Barabbas. I’m not suggesting Mr Drumm does not have to answer for his actions, I’m just saying we are banging on the wrong Drum(m).

Every time we hear the mainstream media beating the drum of distraction, we must not tap along. The drum we need plays the slow relentless beat of Change; a hammer blow against inequality, a thump in the face of the “I’m All Right Jack” brigade. We need to tap the beat at the breakfast table, at the office desk, in the lunchroom and on the bus home. Making it the backing track to our lives, a rhythm that pricks the ears of the Undecided. We need that 12% to listen if we want Change. Tell them how to recognise the Government spin and assure them that Change is not only good, it is necessary.

It’s time we, the “Bang the Table Brigade” bang in unison. A beat for a better way.


Tony Groves Feb 2016



2 thoughts on “Banging the David Drumm

  1. And they’re off. The main government party may not be decided by the swing voter and the undecided, but the tone of Government will be. It’s interesting to reflect that Labour stood up better on its principles in Rainbow, and in the coalition with FF maybe because they were more principled, or had more backbone or maybe, just maybe, they saw it as their role to counterbalance the larger party’s baser urges. Hard to say now who will credibly stand in those shoes.

    By the by, Inda proved his flakiness by announcing an election date by tweet. Our Chieftain? Give me a break.

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