“Artists of whatever sort need trickster’s help from time to time. When you’re blocked or stuck, take an aimless walk and let your mind off its leash, and call on trickster – he’s the opener of dreams, of roads, and of possibilities.”  Margaret Atwood

From Greek Mythology’s Hermes to the Native American Raven or Coyote, to the West African Eshu and on to the Norse God Loki the trickster character has played a part in creating our world. He does this by disrupting it, subverting it and reshaping it into something new.

It is in this way I feel the work of the trickster is most relevant today. By mischievously looking at the way things are, pulling at the stitches and letting the seams split I hope to understand the complexity, beauty and ugliness of life.

The best tricksters aren’t good or evil and they aren’t visionary’s. They’re amoral and seek out chaos, but it is in chaos that new ideas are born. So hopefully this will be chaotic. How about that for an aim for a blog?

Tony Groves Jan 2016



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